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Writing and recording.  2012 Downbeat Readers Poll Best Electric Bass nominee. New record almost completed....

Kimbra "The Golden Echo" - August 19, 2014

About four or five years ago I had the great fortune to be able to meet and work with a fantastic artist named Kimbra Johnson. She was writing with my friend Keefus Ciancia for her last album "Vows" and I got to play on the song "Come Into My Head" on that record. We also wrote a song together that became "Love In High Places" that is featured on her new album "The Golden Echo" that is out today!

Love Love. 


Beck Songreader - August 14, 2014

I'm very proud to have played bass on a song from this new Beck record. A few years ago he wrote and released a series of songs that were only released as sheet music to be interpreted by whomever wanted to play or sing them. This year a collection of artists and producers got together and interpreted these songs for this record "Beck Songreader". I got to play bass on the song "America Here's My Boy" sung by Swamp Dogg. Larry Goldings played piano and Levon Henry played and arranged woodwinds. Joe Henry produced. I think it sounded wonderful and was so happy to be a part of it all. 


John Legend Tour - August 13, 2014

This summer I've been playing bass with John Legend for his "All Of Me" tour. It's been an incredible experience playing with this fantastic important artist. He sings and plays his ass off every night. It has been so inspiring. The band is really great. Ryan Lerman is playing guitar and musical director. The dude is a badass. Rashid Williams is slaying on the drums. And there is a string quartet. Marisa Kuney on violin, Ellen Jung on violin, Rodney Wirtz on viola and Adrienne Woods plays the cello. I'm a lucky man. It's all going by so quick. I'll be sad to leave in September! 


Here's a picture of John and the crowd I took while we were playing Barclays Center in Brooklyn. 


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