Kaveh Music


With this release, Kaveh moves into new musical territory as the lead singer for all the songs on the album. Where Light of Lovehad multiple guest singers and many extended moments of instrumental music, Haunted This Way features Kaveh as the first-person protagonist of the stories he has written. Assisting Kaveh on Haunted This Way is a self-described “dream team” of Western all-star musicians including: Tim Young, Larry Goldings, Jeff Babko and Josh Lopez to name a few.


Like its striking cover art, Light of Love is a college – of influences, experiences, and collaborations – that merge to form a mosaic portrait of Rastegar’s talents and interests. Featuring an all-star line-up of gifted singers and musicians, the album features songs as compelling as they are uncategorizable, fueled by entrancing grooves, unexpected twists and captivating storytelling.

DON’T TURN BACK (2019 Single)

This was a part of the original sessions for Kaveh’s album “Light of Love”. Kaveh’s bass paired with Jeff Babko on keyboards, the track sat for a while until master musician Dorian Holley stepped in and lyrics were added.  So much comes through in the music and very few important words. Ben Wendel plays beautiful sax combined with Scott Seiver on the drums.

Daedelus Luz Do Sol Remix (Single 2019)

Daedelus Remix to the original song Luz Do Sol (Light of Love Album 2018)

Roll Call (Single 2018)

“Roll Call” is from the album “Light of Love” on Ropeadope Records. Featuring Kaveh Rastegar on bass, Mike Viola on vocals, Scott Seiver on drums, Jeff Babko on keyboards. The video was made by Tokyo based artist Michael Balderi.